For Home Cleaning

Robot Sweeper A



í˝Automatic clean on home hard floor and thin carpet
í˝NI-CD,7.2V,1300mAh Rechargeable Power battery worked
í˝90 minutes runtime,full charge in 3 hours
í˝Dust Bin: 0.3L
í˝Clean efficiency 99% ,ideal for ashes, larger debris even screws
í˝Automatic clean the dust;even the dust under furniture of height 66mm
í˝5 navigation Program: 1. Random Running; 2." Z "line ; 3. Run along the Wall  4.Smart to  run out from surrounded 3 walls ; 5. Infrared induction to wall and furniture and turn direction in advance
í˝Three working period choice of 10minutes, 20minutes and Full max.
í˝One corner brush to clear the dust
í˝Smart to show its power capacity from its LED Light color

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